Cooking with no appetite

They say you should never go shopping when you’re hungry. In all honesty that’s the only time I ever do the shopping well. If I’m not hungry I come home with bare essentials that usually consist of cleaning products and regular stuff like milk bread and butter.

Since the progression of Parkinson’s Disease took away what use to be a superior sense of smell, my cooking skills deteriorated. I could no longer smell what I was cooking and naturally when you can’t smell it, your sense of taste also deteriorates. Everyone complained of burnt food bland taste and weird textures. When all you get is complaints you don’t really feel like cooking.

Lack of energy and difficulty managing motor skills just frustrate you. Eventually you reach a stage where you’re happy enough with a cuppa soup or a microwave meal to suit your needs. Which is fine when you live on your own, but no good for a growing family.

Everyone in the house now picks up the slack with cooking and cleaning and they all need to take a turn at cooking. The down side is that boys are the messiest cooks ever and I get to clean up after them, but at least they’re learning skills and have a good home cooked meal most nights.

I’m finding it really hard to come up with creative ideas or even the motivation to make anything more exciting than steak and salad for them.

I don’t feel hungry by their usual dinner time most nights. I often eat late afternoon so I just have no desire at all to cook.


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