Stop dissing my pets

You know it’s a shame this election campaign has come down to rants about someone stole my signs and misinterpreting what candidates say because they’re too drunk to understand the concept of stop spending money on things that aren’t helping people but hey that’s petty politics for you. What has really really upset me is that I have allegedly been accused of lying about my pets. I love my animals. I am not allowed to keep pigs on my property but I have an adopted pet pig that is cared for and works as a therapy pet for kids, elderly and disabled people. Eric was going to become bacon if he couldn’t find something useful to do. I named him Eric because it means eternal ruler and Eric thinks he’s king of the castle. If candidates and their flunkies want to attack each other about crap and not focus on policies (many of which I have a lot of influence over and god help any of you that get voted in cos you’re going to have to deal with me whether you like it or not), then go right ahead and attack each other. Truth be known I am friends with several candidates but one in particular has been a solid supporter of my causes over the past year and helped me so much on a personal level. I know her and trust her and I believe in her as a good candidate as a councillor but that doesn’t mean we agree on everything. We actually disagree quite a lot and that’s when we just agree to disagree and drink tea and pat kitties. She’s still my friend regardless and if you say nasty things about her or make untrue accusations I will come to her defence every time. You can slag me off all you like while trying to be nice to my face to persuade me to do things on their behalf to bring down other candidates, but hey, I’m still a voter and I’m still going to be a member of the electorate if you win. True I may have the early stages of dementia and eventually will lose my mind more than I already have. I may not remember what you said. I may not remember what you did. I know one thing though. I will always remember how you made me feel. Picking on my pets makes me angry. Don’t diss my pets.

eric the disgrace

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